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1/1000 Enterprise 1701-D

This kit is currently under development. The CAD model has been completed and prints of the parts will be made soon. Most of the model will cast in translucent resins to aid in lighting. The current plan is make the saucer from fiberglass while the remaining pieces will be cast in urethane resin. A decal sheet will be provided with this kit.

After the first 3D printed parts have been delivered to me, I can establish a time frame for cleaning up the parts in preparation for molding. This is currently the most inportant factor in determining how long it will take to make the kit available as cleaning up 3D-printed parts can be a very lengthy process.

The test pieces I've received thus far, one of which is shown in the images below, primed in Tamiya Fine Primer, have been very encouraging and a short prep time is anticipated. Compare the close-up of the bridge of the test part with the CAD model...no cleanup was done on the test piece, nor was the primer wet-sanded.

Once I've estimated a (somewhat) realistic time frame for actually beginning production of the kit, a mailing list will appear on the page for interested parties to sign up

As this kit will be expensive to develop and produce, I'm considering taking fully-refundable deposits...but this hasn't been decided yet.

More to follow...

1:1000 Enterprise 1701-D 1 1:1000 Enterprise 1701-D 2 1:1000 Enterprise 1701-D 3 1:1000 Enterprise 1701-D 4
1:1000 Enterprise 1701-D 5 1:1000 Enterprise 1701-D 6 1:1000 Enterprise 1701-D 7
1:1000 Enterprise 1701-D 8 1:1000 Enterprise 1701-D 9 1:1000 Enterprise 1701-D 10 1:1000 Enterprise 1701-D 11